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  • Update: Vinie Has Stopped Cat Spraying!

    05 March 2016 ( #Cat Spraying )

    A peculiar way of the cats to mark their territory on the desired spot is through performing a cat spray. It is not a form of a normal urinating but an instinct among cats when they preserve a particular location as if it is their own place. Usually,...

  • Update: Some Progress Made, Learned a Lot About Cat Spraying

    04 March 2016 ( #Cat Spraying )

    Hello everyone! Here comes the second post and update on my blog. So I've been reading up a lot on this whole cat spraying issue/topic and I've learned a lot. I read some tips and I've found a great resource for cat spraying information. I'll let you...

  • Welcome to my Cat Spraying Journey!

    03 March 2016

    Hi all, thanks for reading my blog. On this blog I'll post regular updates on my attempts to permanently stop my cat Vinie from spraying inside the house.